Tymoshenko s defense kireyev publicily intimidating the defense

Tymoshenko and President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso at a March 2011 European People's Party summit in Brussels; General Prosecutor of Ukraine’s Office lifted the travel ban imposed on Tymoshenko after being officially invited to this event by U. Senator John Mc Cain and European People’s Party President Wilfried Martens Protesters near the Pechersk district court during the criminal case.On her 51st birthday (27 November 2011) an action called "Flowers for Yulia" happened in front of the Lukyanivska Prison where she was held at that time.Background on the Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict 10 H. January 19, 2009: Tymoshenko and Dubyna in Moscow 27 H. Several facets of this incident are in dispute, including to whom Tymoshenko handed the document, what she did or did not say, and the legal effect of the document. • Following receipt of the document, Dubyna and his deputy signed 10-year agreements on behalf of Naftogaz with Gazprom, Russia's state-owned energy company. January 1-17, 2009: Russian Shutdown of Gas to Ukraine 21 D. January 19, 2009: Tymoshenko Meets with Yushchenko 26 F. Dubyna insisted on receiving a writing from the Prime Minister before he would sign the agreement. The official seal of the Cabinet of Ministers appeared on the document. judge and people's assessors"); Trial Transcript at 16 (Aug. Tymoshenko backed the creation of "brigades of territorial self-defense" forces in Zaporizhzhya Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, and Kharkiv Oblast.

This Report examines the events leading up to and including her prosecution and trial, and analyzes those events applying Western standards of due process and the rule of law. 126 witnesses [and] asked the witnesses to provide the court with the relevant documents indicating her awareness of the availability of the relevant documents to the witnesses and . At the conclusion of Azarov's testimony, defense counsel Sukhov raised objections to rulings the judge had made during the questioning.

She also said it was necessary to start a broad dialogue with the "elites" of the eastern region -- even if, she said, they are being "paid" by the Russian military and security agencies to stir up separatist sentiment and seize territory.

Russia sent forces into Ukraine's Crimea and annexed that territory in March.

Her family, lawyers and political allies, in particular Mr Vlasenko, have also suffered from a co-ordinated campaign of harassment and persecution by the authorities.) have been accused of trying to create a "controlled democracy" in Ukraine and as a means to this are trying to "destroy" main opposition party BYu T (BYu T was dissolved in December 2012 but the core party of the alliance "Fatherland" stayed a major force in Ukrainian politics (Tymoshenko is the party leader of this party President According to Yanukovych (on 4 February 2011) "many lies told and attempts made to misinform the international community and ordinary people in Ukraine about the true state of affairs in the country"; he also stated "a crushing blow delivered under his rule to corruption and bureaucracy has been met with resistance".

Tymoshenko herself has filed lawsuit in courts outside Ukraine demanding that Prime Minister Mykola Azarov be banned from making statements about her alleged involvement in the crimes of former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko.

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