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My apologies for the inconvenience this caused you.Regards, Keith---Hey folks, Before we get into the fix we strongly recommend that any users who are on XP or Vista upgrade their OS to Win 7 or newer if at all possible.If you are still experiencing difficulty after taking the suggested action(s), please create a post describing your issue in detail with your latest launcher log: Launcher Logs. If your Internet connection speed is between 6 megabits per second, you may experience occasional delays in gameplay and other issues while playing from the minimum download.These logs are useful if you are having issues with the launcher/patcher. System: If you’re system has any of the following, we recommend you wait for the download to complete before playing: Note: This is simply a self-extracting archive that installs the latest versions of all the Launcher components to eliminate the need for the Launcher to patch itself.So, I've reached the end of my "quests" and stuff on the planet, but because the game isn't "fully downloaded" it's not letting me leave.It's been stuck at 99.95% for downloading for about two or three weeks now, and it's kind of pissing me off because I would like to move on in my gameplay.Hello all, Included here are common troubleshooting steps for issues encountered with the Launcher that may prevent patching or launching of the game. You are using the original (non-streaming) technology, if: You can also determine what technology you are using by logging in and looking in the lower left corner of the Launcher screen. Note: The Public Test server does not use the new (streaming) technology; it always patches using the original technology.

This launcher issue has highlighted for us that going forward, we will be unable to support Windows XP and Vista for The Old Republic.

How can I make the game download the rest of the update? First thing to do is to go to the place where you installed SWTOR.

Rightclick the shortcut in your startmenu or on the desktop and choose "Open File Location".

This new technology brings with it some new troubleshooting steps, so you need to first determine which patching technology you’re using.

A note on Reorganising Data when using the streaming launcher We introduced a new (streaming) patching technology to the Launcher and SWTOR client on July 30th 2013 that allows you to begin playing before the entire game has been downloaded.

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If you’re unable to update the Launcher you’ll need to either use the Launcher Repair Utility or disable your anti-virus software while the Launcher updates itself and then immediately enable it thereafter. Retrying…” (Non-Streaming Only) This indicates that the Launcher is unable to download data from the patch servers.

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