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Since 1998, we have been building a community of active, passionate Catholics focused on forming meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Life is busy, we've been in Australia for the last three years and we have our two lovely boys, Daniel just turned 5 and Benjamin is 21 months. We've so often had the opportunity to tell people how we met and I always brag about AMS.

Every member of the Ave Maria Singles community shares your desire to experience all the blessings and challenges of a true Catholic marriage.

It describes a number of documented cases where police and local soldiers took part in shootings and bombings which claimed the lives of Catholics.

In other cases, murders by loyalists in the 1970s were “inexplicably” not properly investigated.

It draws on state and security force documents declassified in recent times.

Its strongest evidence is drawn from the Centre’s access to dozens of detailed reports given to families by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET), a “cold case” unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

In one damning passage, police investigators urge “honest disclosure about these shocking, shameful and disgraceful crimes”, declaring that “families have received no justice to date”.

The book is written by Anne Cadwallader, a veteran journalist and researcher at the Pat Finucane Centre, an organisation heavily critical of behaviour by the security forces.

49.2% said Catholic, 36.4% Protestant or other Christian.

The proprtion of Catholics was at its highest recorded peak at that time, but then went in to decades of decline.2001: 40.3%2011: 40.8%Meanwhile, the proportion of Protestants has never been so low – and is getting lower still.


Renewed H-block hunger strike by IRA prisoners at the Maze Prison outside Belfast; IRA hunger-striker Bobby Sands elected abstentionist M.

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  1. After a little while of boredom they decide to tell scary stories they heard on their sets. Through circumstance, he ends up in the middle of L. What he does with his new awareness is pitted against the forces of security.