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Then again, the British-born Mann (daughter of Michael) has a friendly relationship with the Mostra, having premiered her sophomore feature, “Texas Killing Fields,” in the 2011 competition — widely deemed a premature honor for a genre pic of no great distinction.

Bowing in the lower-pressure Horizons strand, the new film fortunately represents a significant improvement on “Fields”: Shooting at its most ambitious for the honest humanism of Martin Ritt, and at its least for the fuzzy comforts of Forest Whitaker’s “Hope Floats,” it’s an unpretentious work that at least seems comfortable with its frequent dips into cliche.

The music, meanwhile, is old-fashioned, unvarnished American folk, strummed on guitars as scuffed as the freight train car that brings Ryan (Ben Barnes, who played Prince Caspian in the recent Chronicles of Narnia films) chugging into the mountain town of Ogden, Utah, one hazy morning, with nothing more pressing to do than make contact with an old friend.

Jackie, who’s Ogden-born and bred, is a former sweetheart of the country and western scene, with a hit album and an estranged, Manhattan-based husband to show for it.

‘s Jo is a fiercely independent and outspoken woman who survived a tumultuous childhood before launching her career at Grey Sloan Memorial. I almost see them as partners in crime.” Contract Scoop: Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Sign New 2-Year Deals Case in point: Alex’s sad little apartment.

She’s also in love with a fellow doctor by the name of Alex Karev and is partial to updos. Yes, Karev’s current squeeze shares a few things in common with his first love, Izzie, but, as Jo’s portrayer Camilla Luddington points out, the two characters are very different people — particularly when it comes to how they treat Alex. “I feel like Izzie would’ve made it look all pretty,” Luddington offers. “I know people think that because Jo grew up with not a lot of money that she’s Izzie 2.0, but I just don’t see it that way.” Should Katherine Heigl’s previously-announced desire to reappear on result in an actual return engagement at some point — something that is admittedly looking less likely as time goes on — what would an Izzie-Jo showdown look like?

Mellow, digestibly sweet and embellished with lovely folk tunes, this modest bit of Americana reveals pleasing new sides of both leads, and merits a carefully targeted release from a nurturing distributor.

The Venice Lido is a curious place to unveil a not-especially-arty film this cozily American in flavor and focus.

Everything about “Jackie & Ryan” (filmed under the initial title “Your Right Mind”) seems geared more toward a Sundance berth, right down to its picturesque setting in the snow-dusted hills of Utah.

Eugene Meyer purchased The Washington Post in 1933 when it was in bankruptcy.

Katharine Meyer began working for the Post five years later. He was a Supreme Court clerk working for Felix Frankfurter, and was a graduate of Harvard Law School.

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