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Michael Dorn as Worf was in both "Star Trek: TNG" and "Star Trek: DS9", and John de Lancie was in "Star Trek: TNG", "Star Trek: DS9" and Star Trek: Voyager (1995).

He was considered for many guest roles in Doctor Who (1963): Professor Watson in "The Hand of Fear", Aukon in "State of Decay", Commander Scott in "Earthschock", the Catellan in "Arc of Infinity", Valgard in "Terminus", Vorshak in "Warriors of the Deep", Wolsey in "The Awakening", Col.

“My job is to show up and be cute by 11 o’clock and get the f-ck off that show by 12.

She’s still a spitfire and she knows what she has to do to keep the money flowing.

Sir Patrick Stewart is facepalming again, Alexander Siddig is leading a shadowy league, William Shatner is dancing the can-can and Chris Pine and J. Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg Watch TNG Bloopers Star Trek: The Next Generation star Sir Patrick Stewart has been doing the rounds publicizing what he has said will be his final time playing Charles Xavier in the new X-Men series film Logan, which opened this weekend.

In between talking about Logan, his upcoming role voicing “Poop” for The Emoji Movie and his recent GQ fashion shoot, Goldberg and Stewart shared a delightful moment watching some Next Gen bloopers.

The renditions of Kanye’s unique script saw the actors, directors and presenters approach their lines in different ways.

Others who joined in the fun on the red carpet included Martin Short, Juno Temple, Will Arnett, Conan O’Brien and Michael Strahan.

And while watching the bloopers Sir Pat recreated his famous facepalm meme, watch it below.

All this she did in the presence of Matthew Mc Conaughey, whose wife, Camila Alves, was getting her citizenship on the same day (Mc Conaughey is not a guaranteed part of the naturalization process, but maybe he should be).

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