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In humans, the rise in men with beards and tattoos suggests that such symbols are becoming more sought after as a way to draw lines of contrast."In large groups where individuals are surrounded by strangers, we need a quick, reliable tool to evaluate someone's strength and quality, and that's where these elaborate ornaments come in.The 19-year-old reality TV star and the 25-year-old rapper debuted tiny butterfly designs on their Snapchat accounts on Monday.

Bear, meanwhile, reckons this is going to be the 'best show in history', and teased details of how well him and Charlotte got on during filming: "Charlotte, honestly, it's nice 'cause she's fit.

Yep, cancel ALL OF YOUR PLANS for Monday 3rd April at 10pm, because you're DEFINITELY going to want to be glued to your TV screens for this one. If you haven't already heard, Just Tattoo Of Us is a set to put pairs of friends, family members and couples - including some hot celeb couples - to the test by getting them to design tattoos for each other. Somebody pass us a towel - we're sweating just thinking about this.

Teasing what we can expect from the brave new show, Charlotte exclusively told MTV: "There was lots of crazy moments in the show.

In the case of humans, this may also include phenotypic extensions such as body decoration, jewelry and prestige items."Beards have become popular in some social groups more than others.

The broad hipster culture can claim to have been among the first to embrace beard culture, along with other dramatic marking symbols like piercings and tattoos.

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