Updating storm os

Enhancements in Black Berry OS 5.0 include tabbed web browsing, flagged emails, and a greatly improved Maps application.

With this upgrade, the original Storm runs the same operating system version as the Black Berry Storm2, which will be released on Wednesday.

Yesterday, while investigating some Facebook click-bait, I came across a fake Flash update that is targeting OS X users.

Afterwards, install the package marked as "LATEST VERSION".The "Installer" for the fake Flash update will install various scare ware (I observed a couple different varieties when re-running the installer), and it actually installs an up to date genuine version of Flash as well.While I wasn't able to capture the exact trigger for the popup advertising the update, I suspect it was injected by one of the many ads on the page: Once the user clicks on the popup, the following page offers the Flash Player update for download: Antivirus coverage was pretty bad yesterday when I came across this (4 out of 51 on Virustotal).A Quick Overview of the Black Berry Storm This is the first Black Berry with a touchscreen, which is 3.25 inches and 360 by 480 pixels.This display takes the place of the keyboard typically found on RIM models.

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