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My 16-gauge 1100 must be pretty early since the relief cut is missing.__________________ NRA Life Member, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor,, USPSA NROI Range Officer, ICORE Range Officer, ICORE Match Director , MAG 40 Graduate As you are, I once was, As I am, You will be.

I have seen a pre 1968 2-3/4" 12 gauge with an 'L' suffix, which by all accounts is non existent, and I have seen every imaginable "barrel code", including none at all. 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX1968 TO PRESENT: LETTERS USED (IN SEQUENCE)L-68, M-74, N-78, P-85, R-90Model 1100 LETTER SUFFIXSAME STRUCTURE AS THE Model 870Model 1187 LETTER PREFIX1987 TO PRESENT: “PC” 12 GA., 1999 “TL“ 20 GA.,2000 “SM” SUPER MAG. “LIGHT WEIGHT” (“LW”) (ALSO INCLUDES M/1100 “LT”)U 20 GA. H .410 BORE (2 ½” OR 3”)Model 1100 LETTER PREFIX1963 TO APPROX. I know; I have a Model 1100 LT20 Magnum (1978 vintage) with the original barrel and no barrel code, and an 870 12 gauge Magnum (circa 1976) with the original barrel, also with no code, and finally an 1100 28 gauge (Probably 1976 or 1977) with no barrel codes. Oh yes, they all have a lonely little proof mark on the other side of the barrel. No prefix is pre 1968, and by that number I would guess yours is late 1967 or early 68. As far as the rest of the serial on the other , its S656868V. The cracked 1100 I didn't get to examine had a hole drilled and was still trucking. Made right in the middle of when Remington was doing the barrel code thingy. Dan Going mostly on memory (dicey at best) the early 16s and 20 gauge standard weights did not have the stress relief slit behind the bolt handle slot, at least up thru 1973. The 28 gauge and .410 Matched Sets in 1969 did have the relief slits, as did the LW and LT 20s. I have seen a LOT of Standard 20s used in Skeet and no issues.

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The first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture. The widower that sold me the gun through a friend of mine stated that her husband had the gun before they were married some 50 years ago so I'll roll the dice that the gun is the way Remington produced it in 1952.

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